True Life: When Women Stay With Asshole Boyfriends

Last night's True Life: I Can't Leave My Boyfriend followed young women who are obviously involved with men who treat them horribly and have no respect for them. It's not exactly an uncommon situation, but it's certainly a frustrating one.

Grace is a 20-year-old college student who met her 40-year-old boyfriend Hangman (yes, that's his name) on MySpace. She moved to NYC to be with him, and all they do together is sit at home and eat Chinese food (he won't eat any other kind of cuisine) while he bids for things on eBay. Watching their interaction is infuriating, because she obviously doesn't understand (yet) that she could do a million times better.

Eventually Grace moves back to her hometown in Pennsylvania, but still can't bring herself to completely break up with Hangman. She believes that on a looks scale, he's a 10. And she thinks that the note that he wrote on her mirror—"Somebody loves somebody"—is sweet and romantic, so she won't wash it off. She eventually went back to NYC to visit him, and two months later, he finally made an effort to visit her in Pennsylvania, where he took her out to eat... at a Chinese buffet. And she was excited about that. I hope she watched this show and realized how crappy this guy is. In every way.



Her emotions all seem faked for the camera. I'm sure she was in a crappy relationship, but this just seems like, "Yay I get to be on TV", not like a real discussion of being trapped in a bad relationship. Also, how did she go from being a sophomore at FIT to moving back to PA? Did she quit school? So many questions. #truelifeicantleavemyboyfriend