True Blood: When Death Was A Little Boy

Oh, Eric! When you flashback to your dirty, crusty Viking warrior past, and say stuff like, "Wherever I am there will always be women," you're really quite irresistible. So. Last night we found out:

Godric made Eric. Which is why Eric is so intent on finding Godric. And Godric is a vamp who looks like a tattooed, emo little boy, so we're obviously looking forward to that. What else?

A few things:

  • Doe, a deer, Daphne is a deer.
  • Arlene and Terry. Did they or didn't they? Are they or aren't they?
  • "You didn't say not to order off the menu. You are going to be so sorry when I get an eating disorder." — Jessica.
  • The thing that Maryann did to Tara to make her life miserable while she was working at the bar? I'm pretty sure Maryann has done that to me once or twice.
  • Sarah Newlin giving Jason Stackhouse a soapy handjob in the bath: "God wants you to have a reward."

In addition, there was a Daily Beast piece over the weekend in which Michelle Goldberg claims that True Blood's universe is "like the right's worst nightmare about post-gay-liberation America come to life." She asserts that "most of the vampires we meet are arrogant, perverse, and cruel-everything the far right believes gays to be." She continues:

The vampire leaders are voracious and vain; in one of this season's most darkly funny scenes, one of them dismembers a man while getting foil highlights, then frets about the blood in his hair.

Underlying much antigay literature is the unspoken assumption that homosexuality, while disgusting, is also unbearably tempting. And so, in True Blood, is sex with vampires. Sookie aside, those who crave it are somewhat pathetic-they're referred to, derisively, as fangbangers. Human-vampire carnality is often rough and humiliating. When there is love involved, it's laced with darkness, tragedy, and pain.

Although it's true that the show has a camp quality, so do many types of entertainment. None of the characters are all good or all bad; all of the characters vacillate between making wise and poor decisions. But as for the idea that the hedonistic world is some kind of ring-winger's nightmare, my response is: I'd much rather watch that than a right-winger's dream.

Vampire Conservatives [The Daily Beast]

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