Obviously seeing Eric loving and naked and sensual was a treat.

But it was also confusing to see him smitten with Sookie, and I was confused about the dream/fantasy/hallucination: Did Eric get into Sookie's brain, or were Sookie's desires bubbling up from her subconscious? Also, I like Eric and Sookie together better than Bill and Sookie right now. Should I feel bad about that? Anyway. The episode started out with a bang, when Luke suicide bombed himself inside the lair. Lots of blood and Luke's severed hand, with the Honesty Ring still on it. Eric protected Sookie from harm, but tricked her into sucking silver shrapnel from his body, and now that she's tasted his blood, they are linked. She's the heroine of the show. Why is she so dumb?
Additional highlights:

  • Jessica musing, "I can't be the only vampire virgin."
  • Arlene to Terry: "Quit being so much more peculiar than you usually are."
  • Hoyt's momma's potato chip and grilled cheese sandwich, followed by Hoyt telling off his momma. (Plus, it seemed like there may have been some foreshadowing; I wouldn't be surprised if Hoyt's momma had a heart attack.)
  • Sam turning into a fly to escape from jail (and Maryann).
  • Lafayette stealing Tara away from the clutches of Maryann and Eggs.
  • Bill saying, "We have a score to settle," and punching Eric, which is what you do when a dude tricks your girlfriend into sucking his blood.
  • Godric's resignation as sheriff.
  • Godric about to meet the sun, with Eric on his knees, sobbing "please."

It's interesting that while Sookie and the vampires have been gone dealing with stuff in Dallas, Maryann has turned the town upside down. Things in Bon Temps are completely unbalanced… looks like the citizens need vamps to get back on track.


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