True Blood Recap: Questions About The Teen Vamp & Mysterious Maryann

The return of the Southern Gothic series True Blood last night came with a few answers… and lots of questions.

First, Sookie and Bill had a little glitch in their relationship: Bill let time pass before he told Sookie that he'd sired a 17-year old vamp named Jessica. As a young vampire, Jessica needs supervision, and Bill takes looking after her quite seriously. So basically, it's like Sookie's boyfriend has a new teenaged daughter. Surprise! (Great moment: When Sookie asked if Bill and Jessica had had sex, and Jessica said, "Ew, old?" Clip at left.)

Other revelations from last' night's ep: Lafayette is alive! Miss Jeanette is dead. Sam and Maryann have a past; he totally had sex with her when he was a puppy. Sookie knows her Great Uncle Bartlett — a pedophile — was killed by Bill. Jason Stackhouse is going to join the anti-vampire Fellowship of the Sun church. The televised conversation between Rev. Steve Newlin of the FOS church and Nan Flanagan, of the American Vampire League, included a "blood on your hands" accusation — just like when Joan Walsh faced Bill O'Reilly.


Still, intrigue abounded in this season premiere, most of it involving the supporting cast. Some big questions:

  • Who would kill Miss Jeanette? Why would her heart be ripped out?
  • Will Jessica the teen vamp be able to live on True Blood, or will she have to kill?
  • Has Jessica killed already?!?!?
  • What does Maryann want from Sam the dog?
  • Who — or what — is Maryann?
  • Why does Maryann want Tara to hook up with that hot black guy so badly?
  • Is the hot black guy real? Or just some kind of trick? (If he's a glamour, or something, then: Boo.)
  • Why is Lafayette being held in Eric's basement?
  • Who does Eric's highlights?

We'll be looking for answers next week.

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Eric Northman is mine

Anyone else hate Jason. I really wish i could fast forward through all his scenes. I can't decide which plotline is more deplorable/annoying; Jason likes to stick it in warm orificies or Jason the religious fundie, ugh.