True Blood: Looks Can Be Deceiving

There were lots of odd moments in last night's episode, and Lafayette's hallucinatory PTSD moment was one of the weirdest.

So, in things are not what they seem news: When Andy was yelling at him, Lafayette saw Eric's face instead of Andy's. Is it just post-traumatic, or something Eric is doing to Lafayette? Terry comforting Lafayette was pretty great, though. (Clip above.)


Other notable moments:

  • Flashback to the 1920s; Bill in a tuxedo speaking French.
  • Hoyt's mom canceling his cell phone.
  • Hoyt showing up at Jessica's hotel room.
  • Luke calling having sex with a vampire dude the "cream de la cream of sins."
  • We thought Daphne was a deer, but Daphne is a pig. Not just any pig. The pig.
  • Pam to Lafayette: "You're back in business."
  • Sarah Newlin to Jason Stackhouse: "How can this be wrong if it's what God's commanding me to do?"
  • Sookie was a damsel in distress. AGAIN. Yawn.

While this season is obviously building towards something, it feels like there have been way too many orgy scenes and not enough deliciously bad vampires doing vampire stuff. But maybe our patience will be rewarded with some Eric-centric stuff very shortly.

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1. How adorable is Hoyt??! But seriously boy, put your phone in your own name then mama can't turn it off because she doesn't like your girlfriend.

2. I am over Maryanne and Daphne. This story line has carried on for way too long IMO. As far as I'm concerned they can run away into the night and never be seen or heard from again.

3. Flashbacks of Bill and Lorena are evil. And what about when he gives her the necklace and says he wants her to have it. Corniest thing ever.

4. Poor Lafayette. He can come live with me.

5. More Pam please.