True Blood: "I'm Already A Person Of Poor Moral Character, So…"

Why waste time with whatever lame pillow talk Bill and Sookie are having when you can have scenes with Lafayette?

In this interview, Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill, talks about how dating Anna Paquin in real life makes helps with love scenes:

I think we're able to do things that perhaps a couple that weren't together would never dare try. It certainly makes those moments much easier on the crew knowing that we feel comfortable. I'm so used to having them on set when Anna and I are having a love scene that when we get home and we're in bed by ourselves, I kind of miss them.


That said, seriously? Lafayette is the most interesting character on the show. Last night, he clawed through a dead man's bloody and viscous severed leg to find an artificial joint, which he then used to bust out of the damp basement where he'd been chained to a wheel. Once out of the dungeon, Lafayette was shot in the leg by a bartender, but still managed to sass and school his undead captors, trying to convince them that instead of killing him, they ought to turn him into a go-go dancing "bad-ass vampire." (Clip above.) Please, Eric and Pam. Make it happen.

This episode also featured:

  • Jason Stackhouse and friend getting all Abercrombie homoerotic competitive on each other at Fellowship of The Sun's Light Of Day camp
  • A girl at the camp singing "Jesus Asked Me Out Today"
  • The shirtless chiseled six-pack of Eggs
  • Police officer Andy describing his dancing as looking like "an epileptic on meth"
  • Sookie crying and apologizing to Jessica for inadvertently making her a vamp
  • Sookie apologizing to Bill for taking Jessica to see her parents
  • The quote: "Muslim Buffy with a dick"

Next week looks very Maryann-centric, which is fine, but when will we find out what happened to Miss Jeanette? And will Eric get to use Sookie to find a missing vamp in Texas?

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Eric Northman is mine

Pro- Showing the vamps being vamps (Bill bursting through the door like a maniac in the end, glamouring Jessica's sis, Eric in bloodlust, Pam,Chow and Eric descending on Lafeyette)

Pro-Pam! I love how Eric ripped Royce to bits and was trying to come of his bloodlust but was still worried about Pam being pissed because he messed up her dye job. And the way she and Chow rolled their eyes at that gmail address. And her telling Chow he could never be sheriff. Too funny!

Pro- Lafayette possibly becoming a vamp and not being completely killed off.

Con-The major appeal of his character is that he lives by his own rules and is no one's bitch. If he becomes a vamp, he'll have to defer to his maker. Speaking of which if Pam, Chow and Eric turn him, who will be his maker? I take it being a maker isn't exactly a joint effort.

Pro- Jason will obviously be hooking up with the Reverend's bride real soon. Hopefully he'll get kicked out of the camp

Con- Didn't Maryann ordering dish after dish for several hours arouse any suspicions. Seems weird that the diners/staff didn't notice.

Pro- Bill telling Sookie to shut up. Long overdue!

Con- Jesus asked me out today performance. I love how she sung it seductively, ugh no thanks.

Pro- The showdown at Jessica's house.

Pro- Egg's 8 pack. I couldn't focus on anything else during his scene with Tara. Smoooking!