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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

True Blood: Food, Sex & Room Service

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Teen vamp Jessica continues to make being undead look cool; Sookie continues to annoy.

Although, truly, Sookie's constant need to be rescued can be overlooked, when you have the following:

  • Daphne telling Sam, "I know what you are."
  • Lafayette sucking from Eric's wrist.
  • Lafayette humping the furniture and saying, "I just want to fucking dance." (Eric replying, "How nice for you.")
  • The orgiastic party at the Stackhouse place, complete with sploshing and the sculpted, naked buttocks of Eggs.
  • "Evil is making the premedicated choice to be a dick." — Jason Stackhouse.

Questions up in the air: Who — or what — is the clawed creature who attacked Miss Jeanette, Sookie and Daphne? Is it MaryAnn? When will Jason hook up with Reverend Newlin's wife? Is Detective Andy Bellefleur going to snap, make a breakthrough, or both? What's the deal with Barry, who can read Sookie's mind? Clip above.

By the way, in this New York Times piece, creator Alan Ball says of True Blood: "Women love the storytelling and the romance, and men love the sex and violence." Dude. The romance is lame. This woman is in it for the hot stuff and the blood, and I know I'm not alone.

With A Little ‘True Blood,' HBO Is Reviving Its Fortunes [NY Times]