True Blood Author Charlaine Harris Lands Another Creepshow

Charlaine Harris — known for the series of books about Sookie Stackhouse which spawned the HBO series True Blood — just landed another TV deal. Her Harper Connelly mysteries — beginning with the book Grave Sight — will be a series on Syfy.

Grave Sight (the novel for which there are two different covers and a comic book) features a young woman named Harper Connelly, who was struck by lightning at the age of 15, which gave her the ability to find the dead people, and come to know how they died. According to Entertainment Weekly:

Now in her 20s, she senses the location and last memories of dead people. In the Syfy adaptation, Connelly teams up with her protective stepbrother, Tolliver Lang, to help find a missing teenage girl, only to uncover a network of lies and murders throughout a small town in the Ozarks.


I haven't read the books, so I'm not clear whether or not Harper my kinda tough-chick heroine, but a lady-centric detective show with ghosts(!) sounds like it has potential. Especially since I am thisclose to being over True Blood.

'True Blood' author sells mystery book series to Syfy [EW]
'True Blood' Author Charlaine Harris Secures Syfy TV Deal for 'Harper Connelly Mysteries'

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