True Blood

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Margaret Delfino, a California native and proud great-grandmother, donated her 200th pint of blood last week. Delfino began giving blood in 1954—by now she has donated over 25 gallons—and she urges others to follow her example. [CNN]


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Thanks to people like Margaret, an infant LaComtesse was able to live when she needed a blood transfusion at one day old. Because of this I have donated blood whenever possible since I was 17.

Fun donation story: I was donating blood (I was 18 y/o) and had a needle in my right arm. The Red Cross had people set up on cots, usually head to toe. The gentleman on the cot next to mine was about 65 y/o wound up not having a good vein on one arm, so he shifted in the cot so that we were lying, head to head, next to each other. He saw me, was taken aback then laughed and said "What will the neighbors say?!" Cracked me up. We had lovely conversation over cookies and juice.