Trouble For Justin And Jessica, Debbie Rowe Sends Mixed Signals Over Custody Battle

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  • Are Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake on the rocks? "Things don't look good for them right now - they've hit a really rocky spot," says a source. The couple have been dating for two years. [NYDN]
  • "Justin had to leave dinner once because Jessica was calling him incessantly. They got into a huge screaming match over the phone about how she's always ‘checking up' on him. She's extremely needy and is always keeping tabs on him," says a source, "All his friends think she's really annoying," added the source. "She's always trying to be one of the guys. She and Justin have no chemistry. Justin is partying in London right now. Jessica wanted to go with him, but he wasn't having it. He just wanted to get away with the guys. He needed his space from her." [NYDN]
  • Contrary to earlier reports which claimed that Debbie Rowe was seeking custody of her biological children with Michael Jackson, her attorney says that Rowe "has not reached a final decision concerning the custody proceedings." [USWeekly]
  • "It would be a distortion of the truth to allow that single snapshot of a single conversation, to stand as the truth on Debbie's position on this sensitive matter," says Rowe's attorney, Eric M. George. Rowe was recently quoted stating that she wanted her children, as well as a restraining order to keep them away from Jackson's father, Joe. [USWeekly]
  • Meanwhile, Jackson family members are "terrified" that Blanket's (Jackson's third child who currently has no mother listed on his birth certificate) biological mother may come forward: "Any woman who gave birth to a child on Blanket's birth date and then gave him up for adoption could claim they are the mother and get a DNA test to prove it," says a source. [PageSix]
  • Is Daria really coming to DVD next year?!? [ONTD]
  • Sandra Bullocksays she wasn't nervous about her nude scene with Ryan Reynolds because she knew all eyes would be on Ryan: "So that means no one watched me and no one can criticize me. Watch it again, your eyes go to Ryan. You see, if Ryan got naked now and I got naked now I guarantee you unconsciously people would [look at him] and go ‘oh my God, she's naked too but oh my God'."[ShowbizSpy]
  • Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday with a lunch date with Samantha Ronson. [DailyMail.]
  • Johnny Depp says he believes in love at first sight: "I was standing in a hotel in Paris and I saw this back. Literally a back and a neck. And it turned around and looked at me and I was done. That was Vanessa. So two kiddies and 11 years later, I completely understand." [Mirror]
  • Depp also recently took time out from his Public Enemies promotional tour to visit sick children at Great Ormond Street hospital—dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, of course. "Johnny was so friendly with all the children on the ward and they absolutely loved his pirate outfit.," says a source, "He spoke to lots of the youngsters and staff - and made their day by posing for pictures with them all." [DailyExpress]
  • Amy Winehouse has been banned from swimming at her St. Lucia resort due to staff concerns: ""Staff have found Amy on a number of occasions collapsed on the grass by the pool after going for a swim," says a source, "There are concerns that one night she won't be able to get out of the water and something tragic will happen." [ShowbizSpy]
  • Whoops! Rhianna was caught on tape tattooing umbrellas onto three artists at East Side Ink—and she doesn't have a license, which means she could be facing three misdemeanor charges. [TMZ]
  • Blind Item: "Which Oscar winner almost ruined a recent date? The starlet had so much to drink, she spent the night getting sick in the bathroom." [BlindGossip]
  • Rupert Grint on his kissing scenes with Emma Watson: "I'll be honest with you: it's not something I'd say I'm dreading. Emma's a pretty girl. Have Daniel or I ever hit on Emma? Well, she's quite popular with the cast. As for who has the worst crush on her – me or Radcliffe – I'd rather not say." [Telegraph]


AndThenTheresMaude loves Stamos

Daria coming to DVD has just made my weekend. Even at 27 now, that show still rocks my socks. Furthermore, even at 27, I still have a crush on Trent, even though he is kind of a loser.