It's officially springtime in New York. (And no, not just because it's an insane 78 degrees today.) Last night marked the opening of this year's Tribeca Film Festival, the indie showcase masterminded by Robert DeNiro and producer Jane Rosenthal in an effort to reinvigorate Lower Manhattan and the New York art community alike. In addition to DeNiro and his gorgeous wife Grace Hightower, David Bowie, Iman, Martha Stewart, Donna Karan, Russell Simmons, Porschia Coleman, Sigourney Weaver, Natasha Richardson, Gayle King, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, and others were on hand. The full Good, Bad & Ugly, after the jump.

The Good:

Note to self: Look as awesome as Iman every day. (Must find floral dress that is feisty, not frilly.) Also, accessorize with David Bowie.

Martha Stewart: Her basic black look is chic and fresh. It's a good thing.


Okay, considering that Donna Karan typically turns up looking somewhere between crazy cat lady and homeless, I'm relieved to see her in something fitted and a little funky. Also, totally digging the shoes.

Russell Simmons and Porschia Coleman: Gorgeous couple, great sense of style.


I only hope that Robert DeNiro appreciates the vast awesomeness of wife Grace Hightower's caftan.

The Bad:

It appears that Sigourney Weaver showed up in her pajamas.


Natasha Richardson's dress is just a wee bit too short, no? And Drena DeNiro is a little too made up.

As the heir apparent to the universe (she is Oprah's bestie after all), surely Gayle King could have mustered together something a little more impressive than this.


Dear Seinfelds: Stop looking so smug. Especially since Jessica's shoes are sure to embarrass you in years to come.

The Ugly:


I can't get over Deborah Lin's shoes. Even the intimidating presence of James Gandolfini isn't enough to distract from footwear that bears an uncanny resemblance to the first shoes-with-heels I ever owned. The year was 1997. The occasion was my Bat Mitzvah.

[Images via FilmMagic and Getty.]