Trending Topic #AbortionClinicPlaylist Has Something Terrible for Everyone

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This morning, another charming Twitter trending topic climbed forth from the butthole of culture and began to senselessly gnaw on the face of human decency. #AbortionClinicPlaylist gives regular ol' non comedians a chance to show that they're not afraid to really go there on the internet by providing a forum for jokesters to pretend that songs about killing and dying and babies are actually about fetuses. Congratulations, America. You are all super edgy. You're all It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Rape, the Holocaust, and Abortion are the Holy Trinity of things unfunny people make jokes about in an attempt to shock their way into being hi-laaaaaa-rious, but jokes about abortion — the sort of jokes that are being made on Twitter today — are the sort of thing that promotes conservative urban legends that are actually damaging to women's rights. It's one (not necessarily funny) thing to tell that joke about how the child molester tells the kid that he's scared because he has to walk out of the woods alone, but it's another to say that "Can I Live?" by Nick Cannon is like abortion because fetuses want to be alive.

Besides, everyone knows that the only song played at abortion clinics nowadays in "Summer Girls" by LFO.



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I played World of Warcraft for like 2 hours in the waiting room. That counts for something, right?

You can't possibly argue that I should have brought a child into a world where my greatest accomplishment was my level 80 Blood Elf Priest.