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On the Today show this morning, Mary Alice Haney of did a segment on lingerie for pregnant women. Toward the end of the piece, she said, "Right now in fashion all the designers are doing ethnic prints. You may not be able to go out and buy the Dolce and Gabbana dress but you can add a little spice in your underwear and your lingerie..." The item being modeled was a leopard print robe. Because, you know, leopards are ethnic. Or maybe there are leopards where black people are from or something. It's almost as bad as that editor who said you could follow the new tribal look, but you don't have to carry a spear.


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@hello.kitty: The movie was filmed in (I believe) Redding and Westport. Yeah, and I mean, I'm proud to be from CT— it really is a great state. And part of me even loves the whole Stepford/WASP/emotionally cut off element of the stereotype, but in a tongue in cheek way! I also loved on Scrubs that they frequent reference Elliot's Connecticutian-ess.

elliot: I just don't understand why everyone expect their doctors to be so sweet and coddling and touchy feely!

patient: me too!! where in connecticut are you from?

elliot: darien.

patient; greenwich.