Trapped Cat Begs For LOL Treatment • Orobator To Serve Sentence In UK

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Pictured at left is Casper, a very flexible cat that somehow managed to get himself wedged in a spare tire. Firemen spent an hour cutting Casper free, and he survived the incident unscathed. •

• And in other adorable animal news, the NYT City Room blog covers the story of Molly the calf, who escaped the slaughterhouse and is now living with her boyfriend on a 60-acre farm in Suffolk county. • A 32-year-old Muslim dentist living in the UK faces a charge of misconduct for refusing to treat female patients unless they donned headscarves. • Musicians are reacting in different ways to the use of music as a weapon of torture. Bands like Rage Against the Machine and Massive Attack are trying to get music banned as a form of torture, while Jonathan Mann has set the words of recently released memos on waterboarding to music. • Susan the Scientist is being billed as the next Bill Nye the Science Guy. Click here to watch one of Susan's educational videos. • A hospital in Canada is now able to offer breast cancer screening and results in the same day. • A new website named Momicillin promises mothers temporary relief from "crankiness, confusion, self-doubt, body-aches, memory loss, fatigue or general malaise due to excessive exertion or repetition during job-related activities. These activities may include, but are not limited to: binky finding, goop removing, conflict negotiating, facial contorting"... you get the idea. • According to a Washington-based nonprofit, there are 1.7 million kids in America with an incarcerated parent. This interesting article discusses the difficulties of growing up with family in prison. • Soft, decadent, luxurious four-ply toilet paper is the latest victim of the recession. • In case you still care about celebrities and their charitable causes, here is the first entry in Sienna Miller's travelogue from the Congo. • A woman from North Carolina recently returned a stolen terracotta fragment of ancient Roman ruins that her husband pocketed when they were on vacation in Italy 25 years ago. • A spokeswoman from HBO said that they would cancel "Cathouse" before letting Drew Peterson appear on the show. However, a spokesperson for the Bunny Ranch says they're still talking to Peterson. • Samantha Orobator, the pregnant Briton being held in prison in Laos on charges of drug smuggling, may return to the UK to serve her sentence if she is convicted by Laotian courts. British officials are "pleased with the prisoner transfer agreement." •

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As much as my butt enjoys nice soft thick toilet paper, I strongly believe that turning virgin forest into toilet paper should be illegal. There should be a mandate that they at least use SOME percentage of recycled material. Because that is so incredibly, absurdly wasteful.