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Transit Workers Save Nummy the Bunny from a Grisly Locomotive Death

Illustration for article titled Transit Workers Save Nummy the Bunny from a Grisly Locomotive Death

A gruesome new chapter was nearly added to The Velveteen Rabbit Wednesday when a 3-year-old girl dropped her stuffed bunny, Nummy, on the tracks at the Green Stop in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood. As Nummy languished on the tracks, waiting for an oncoming train to grind his cotton-polyester blend tummy to dust, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority worker Fannie Matchette called the station operator, who then passed the firefighter bucket full of bunny-saving water to the operator of the oncoming train in time to save Nummy and his 3-year-old companion Riley Carey-Brown's faith in humanity.


Riley's mother Casey told the Boston Herald that her daughter was understandably upset that she'd condemned her oldest cribmate to certain death by dropping him on the tracks. "I told her," wrote Carey-Brown, "we could just get her another one or something, trying to fix the situation, and she said 'No way, that's my friend. I need my friend and now he's going to get squished by the train.'" A kid just can't live with that kind of guilt, which is why it's good that Boston's conscientious transit workers saved Nummy's life. Now little Riley can learn an important lesson about the slow ravages of old age by watching her best friend's soft fur and genial features slowly erode over time. Sorry if that last bit is a little harsh, but I miss my Foo Foo.

Boston transit workers halt train to save 3-year-old's stuffed bunny [NYDN]

Image via Deborah Wolfe/Shutterstock.

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Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

When I was 3 or 4 I took my treasured, most favorite stuffed animal (Emily the giraffe) everywhere with me. My family and I were at Disney World and at some point I realized that over the course of our day of rides, visiting all the "countries", and shopping all about I had somehow dropped Emily.

The mere chances of finding her were of course ridiculously low. But my whole family scoured the park, asked each and every Disney princess for assistance, and queued back up just to find her. Miraculously somehow we did.

From that day on Emily was pinned to my shirt whenever we went somewhere crowded as a wee one.

I am so glad she got her Nummy back! The panic and heartbreak, and subsequent relief, I felt were immense.

ETA: And she has since followed me to every apartment I've had.