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Romance novels aren't typically bastions of gender diversity, but the new title Two Spirit Ranch does have an interesting premise:

Not sure where to turn next, Terri heads off for a trip to small town Clearview, Montana to explore the sprawling ranch her uncle left her. It's there that Terri while speeding down the highway has a run in with the ruggedly handsome sheriff, Jake Collins. As the two find their mutual attraction too strong to deny, Terri, who had only planned to be in town a few days, finds herself wondering if she can risk opening her heart again and sharing a secret from her past with Jake ...Terri was once Terrence.


Author Jaime Stryker says, "Popular art reflects culture, and the past year brought trans issues to the forefront. It was simply time for a romance that also touched upon gender issues." Transgender romance isn't totally untrodden territory. But since the top pick for the genre on Amazon is called Transgender xxx Cumslut, there's probably room for something a little more, uh, romantic.

LA Writer Pens Transgender Romance Novel [Mediabistro]

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I approve of this.