Trade Union Speaks Out Against "Sexist" Heels • Iraq War Limits Iraqi Women's Freedoms

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The Trades Union Congress in England is urging employers to stop making high-heels compulsory for female employees on grounds that it is sexist and can lead to health problems. • Comedian Kristen Schaal reveals that not only is she well-read in British dramatists, she used to practice stand-up in front of cows as a child. • In England a man has been banned from visiting his girlfriend's home after neighbors complained about their noisy sex and the girlfriend's general "nightmare neighbor" behavior. • Another plucky-grandma-fighting-a-thief story? Oh, yes. •• Two women have been charged in the murder of a British couple honeymooning in Antigua and Barbuda. • The Maricopa County Sheriff in Arizona has violated a ruling that he is not allowed to require female inmates to receive a court order before they are granted an abortion. • In (somewhat) related news, there is a new program at the Ohio Reformatory for Women that allows inmates to raise their children in their cells and in in-house prisons to keep the bond between mother and child tight. • More than 80% of women in the Air Force in Iraq reported persistent fatigue, difficulty concentrating and nearly 20% reported one symptom of PTSD. • Meanwhile in the region, a man has been arrested in Jerusalem for helping beat, threaten, and rob a divorced Israeli woman under the self-proclaimed title of "chastity guards." •

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WTF? Are the Times' copy editors on strike?

Report authors said all heels should have a broad based and be no higher than 2cm and if worn for long stretches no higher than 2cm.