Tracy Reese, one of the only African-American designers to show in the tents during New York Fashion Week, had a vision for spring 2010 as diverse as her runway. Bold colors, strong patterns and whisper-soft dresses, in a gallery.

Love the vivid hue on this pseudo-'80s number, which just seems really surprisingly wearable.

A hip coat to turn an overworked office drone into a city-chic gal about town.


Animal print doesn't seem like it goes with the rest of the collection at first, but the truth is, it's bold without being over the top. Work-appropriate stuff for real women is what Tracy Reese does. So this fits.

Cropped jacket + cropped pants = spring freshness.


This bubbly pattern is made of win.

The orange pedal pushers are just plain cute.


Sunny yellow, in an easy, summery dress.

More intense color, which just feels really optimistic. Everything is gonna be okay!


Not sure about these pieces being styled together, but the top with white trousers or the skirt with a white tank would be spot on.


Reese can do a strong animal print dress, and a whimsical bubble-print dress, and then also a dreamy, soft, light-as-a-feather sheath like this one, in the palest hue.

I can't explain what's going on here, I just know that I like it.


More sweetness and light.

Swingy polka dots, but done in a really different and modern way. Love it!


Steely gray with a structured bodice won't work on all bodies, but it's certainly sophisticated, and even better: Pretty.

Keep the floral frock; lose the gift wrap.


Loving the way this divine dress is constructed: Shows off the collarbones, cinches the waist, has pockets! Two, please.

The lady takes a bow.

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