At any rate, this collection was a 90's teen's dream come true, be she Angela Chase or that Betsey Johnson-sporting teen spirit queen at the Peach Pit!

Made for the modern valley girl who's got a pretty normal life...for a teenager! (

I'd call this a total Monet, but I'm standing a few feet away and not really feeling the love.


She's just a girl!

She, meanwhile, just wants to be a woman.


Being exiled in Guyville - with a gut panel - blows.

Hi, I was thinking about going to the party later, but my friends don't really wanna go? Could I get a ride?


This is just really pretty. Much too pretty for any Pretty in Pink reference, which is the wrong era-feel anyway, so.


A look some of us actually rocked hard in high school. If by "rock" you mean wore wrap dresses that were way too big with enormous scarves and vintage saddle shoes.



Ooh, ooh, ooh, straight outta "Rebel Girl!"

Okay, this triggers, for me, a very specific I alone?!

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