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In a new book, Christopher Jamison, a prominent Catholic cleric in England, has become a vocal critic of Disney and what he sees as the company's encouragement of materialism in children. While Jamison says that the Disney movies often have a moral message of good triumphing over evil, the products that go along with the movies encourage children to think that material objects will give them happiness and a place in the Disney world. Jamison says: "Where once morality and meaning were available as part of our free cultural inheritance, now corporations sell them to us as products." [Telegraph]


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There are so many similarities between raising young children and training puppies.

All the books say that you'll never be able to teach your dog NOT to want whatever is in the trashcan. The best approach? Make the trashcan inaccessible to the dog. (And this is why I spent $130 on a fancy dog-proof kitchen trashcan.)

Likewise you'll probably never teach your kid to stop wanting what Disney is selling — and Lord knows you're never going to "teach" a for-profit company to stop trying to make money. The solution? Don't take your kids to the Disney Store. Don't let them watch too much Disney Channel (and its accompanying commercials). Don't go to Disney World every damn year. Make that overpriced shit inaccessible!