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In a focus group conducted in the UK by toy manufacturer Martin Yaffe, children were invited to play with what are expected to be this year's popular Christmas toys. Seven out of 10 girls chose to play with toys "designed for boys." The girls preferred Bob The Builder Snap Trax to Barbie and Bratz. Of course, a spokeswoman at the toy company is thrilled, saying, "It seems that stereotypes... no longer apply — opening up a whole new element of choice for parents when shopping for their daughters this Christmas!" Unfortunately, there's no word on whether any boys liked Barbie or Bratz. Also: Maybe the Bob The Builder set — with working car wash! — is just more fun? [The F Word]


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I don't think there is a better toy for boys or girls than Legos. I spent so much damn time with those things when I was a kid, building hospitals and airplanes and now I'm starting to understand my obsession with miniatures... shit.