Tough Questions

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Lynn Yaeger, one of the sauciest fashion critics around, was given the task of asking various celebrities and fashionistas that hated election question: "Who is chicer, Michelle or Cindy?" Susan Sarandon ignored the question. Kelly Cutrone admitted that she loves Michelle's style and that Cindy "looks like a baseball player's wife." Leighton "Blair Waldorf" Meester, perhaps unaware of who the two women are, said "Um, Obama?" in such a terrified voice that a kind photographer had to step in and supply her with an answer. [Village Voice]


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*sigh* I think a good answer from Susan would have been a kindly "I don't pay attention to what the wives of pundits are wearing. I prefer to focus on their messages and actions and what kind of a role model they would be as First Lady."

@formerlyzivah: Ha! We had something like that in high school French. If we didn't understand what the teacher had said we would reply "Euuuuuh... non. J'ai un crayon." ("Um... no. I have a pencil.")