Total Jackass Gives His Cat a Tattoo

People do a lot of stupid things to themselves, and it's not generally a problem. But when they start doing things to pets, it becomes awful very quickly. Witness this poor cat with a tattoo. Apparently pet tattooing has become a trend in Russia's Republic of Tatarstan, where the owner, a 24-year-old tattoo artist, lives. Not surprisingly, the idiotic owner is in trouble with animal rights activists, but he sees nothing wrong with the fact that he gave his hairless cat Coco a permanent necklace. As if anesthetizing a cat (can you imagine trying to do this on an alert kitty?) and marking up her body isn't bad enough, the asshole also misspelled Carpe Diem as "Carpe Deem." At least Coco can't read so she's spared total humiliation—though if she ever notices the giant tattoo of her face that her owner has on his forearm, the shame just might be enough to do her in.


Russian Tattoo Artist Has His Pet Cat Tattooed [Oddity Central via the.Life Files]

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