"They want to know everything. What fragrance she wears. What her favorite restaurant is. If she has plans to start a home line. Who her style icon is. How she entertains. What her house looks like. What skin products she uses....As soon as I tell other women I am interviewing designer Tory Burch, the questions come flying, as if I'm up against a fashion firing squad." That's how Town & Country's cover profile begins, and I know the picture might be a little bit of a spoiler alert for those of you burdened with familiarity with her benign blonde mug, but it's about Tory Burch. Seriously, aren't you dying to know more? Is there a subject you could at this time find any more intriguing? Could the bait I am dangling by placing my summary of this profile after the jump be any more succulent?

Okay, so some people seem to think that: the most interesting thing about Tory would be how she went from the PR i.e. "having drinks" side of the fashion business to the "no, you see, I'm a designer" part of the fashion business despite having no talent/experience/etc. โ€” she went to Penn for chrissakes โ€” but the answer to that, as you know, is that her financier ex-husband has wads and wads of money, and more to the point, Ralph Lauren totally paved the way for unoriginal arbiters of bland to make shitloads of money in fashion, and speaking of self-hating Jews Tory Burch baptized her children, though that is (duh) not part of the story.

Anyway, I have long thought that this thing they call "taste" which I really think is just a grown up version of high school "preppiness", whereby these icy blond gatekeepers read fashion magazines and observe trends but no one in the entire world of prep is allowed to participate in the trends until they say so, seemed like a pretty good racket, and it seems to be, because now she's on the cover of a magazine that got virtually no access to her, all because people are soooooooo curious what she's like. (A: you don't really find out!) This sentence pretty much sums it up:

Her tunics became the uniform for everyone from the Upper East Side lady who lunches to women across America who wanted to look like an Upper East Side lady who lunches.


Such range! I really can't wait for the home line.

Oh, and her fragrance is Vetiver, by Guerlain (is this also the name of a band? whatevs). It's a man's fragrance. RISKY.