On last night's episode of ANTM, the girls went to Amsterdam which, according to Tyra, is a quickly becoming a fashion capital…of Holland. What immediately comes to mind when thinking of Amsterdam is LEGAL WEED. But I'd bet dollars to donuts that the girls didn't get to partake in any coffee shop tokes on this trip, because while smoking pot is legal there, it's just not something Tyra would think a Top Model should do. (Although, we know from first-hand experience that's not exactly true.) And although getting legally stoned wasn't sanctioned, posing like the prostitutes in the city's red light district was. Once again, the rules of what is and isn't appropriate Top Model behavior are as murky as that bathwater Marjorie, Elina and Annaleigh shared while they shaved each others' pubes, lezebel style. Clip above.
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