Top Model Elyse Sewell And Dorky Indie Rock Boyfriend Arrested For Domestic Violence

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Elyse Sewell, our favorite Top Model alum (cycle 1), and her now ex-boyfriend Marty Crandall, the keyboardist for the Shins, were involved in a domestic dispute this weekend that ended in the both of them going to jail. Elyse described the whole incident on her Live Journal page, saying that while staying in a hotel in Sacramento, Marty got "shit faced" and roughed her up. She "escaped from the room through a blitzkrieg of violence," leading hotel security to call the cops, who arrested Marty. Then, because he had a bite mark that she said was inflicted in self-defense, Marty had the cops arrest Elyse as well. She seems to have a sense of humor about the whole ordeal:

Jailors. America's Next Top Model fans, all. As the warden took pics of my bloody knuckles for evidence (!!!! evidence!), he quipped, "So there goes that hand modeling job, huh? What's Tyra going to say about this?"


Elyse was released soon after her arrest, but as of Saturday night, Marty was still in the slammer.

I wonder if he is not able to reach anyone. You can only make collect calls to landline numbers from jail. The only landline number I had memorized was my grandma's: I had to listen to her declining the charges (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) like fifteen times before the bail bondsman agreed to help me and call my mom on her cell.

According to Elyse, Marty has been violent with her before. In the comments thread she said, "It is not the first time. But it is the last." Fucked up, right?

This comment, left by one of Elyse's readers, is maybe the best part of the post.

I work at an abortion clinic full of hipster girls who are all going to boycott his assy hipster band now.

I love the idea of a band of slutty cool girls getting Elyse's back. Add me to the list.

UPDATE: As of Sunday afternoon, Marty is still in police custody, and his bail has been set at $25,000! His next court date is on January 8. Other interesting tidbits available at the website of the Sacramento Sheriff's Department: Marty was born on 4/20. And his middle name is "Lesley." [Insert Nelson Muntz "Ha! Ha!" here.]


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Jenna Sauers

@Kataroo_Kangaroo: Thank you. Elyse's weight doesn't have any bearing on her case, and anyone who read her blog would know all the woman writes about is her pursuits of interesting foods. She can write paragraphs about South East Asian fish sausages and the "streetmeatsketeers" who sell them, for fuck's sake.