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Top Model Contestant Totally Loses Her Shit at Panel

This is how a sane person should act when faced with repeated condescension and bitchiness. On next week's episode of America's Next Top Model: British Invasion, contestant Louise gets sick of Kelly Cutrone, Tyra, and all the rest of them, runs out of panel and begins screaming in the parking lot about how she's going to kick their asses.


Contestant runs away & breaks DOWN on antm [ONTD]

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Not that Top Model actually has much to do with modeling in reality, but (and please correct me if I'm wrong) aren't model's generally treated like crap, talked to with condescension and bitchiness, and tossed out at the slightest change of wind? Not that this is a remotely good thing or should be this way, but my understanding is that agencies, photographers, and clients generally expect models to be walking puppets.