Top Komen Official Threatens to Resign Over Charity's Pandering, Lying

A member of Susan G. Komen For The Cure's Medical Advisory Board has threatened to resign unless the charity reverses its decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. Looks Like we've got ourselves a Category 5 shitstorm in the forecast.

The Huffington Post reports that New York radiologist Dr. Kathy Plesser has announced she's out unless Planned Parenthood's back in. She said,

I'm a physician and my interest is women's health, and I am disturbed by Komen's decision because I am a very strong advocate for serving under-served women. Eliminating this funding will mean there's no place for these women to go. Where are these women to go to have a mammography? Do they not deserve to have mammography?


If Dr. Plesser resigns, she'll be the third high profile Komen official to quit over this debacle, after Mollie Williams and Deb Anthony, who was the Director of Komen's Los Angeles chapter.

Susan G. Komen Top Officials Resign as Backlash Gains Steam [HuffPo]

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