Tootsie Costume Made Dustin Hoffman Face the Patriarchy

In an AFI interview from late 2012 that’s just starting to gain some traction now, in the summer doldrums, Dustin Hoffman talked about how, when he was first made-up as Dorothy Michaels during his preliminary preparations for Tootsie, he had a revelation about the unreasonable expectations our society has for female beauty when the make-up wizards crafting his costume told him they couldn’t make him a “prettier” woman. Hoffman went home, his gender paradigm shattered, and decided that making Tootise would be a really important thing to do.


via The Mary Sue


Pretty Theft

My dad interviewed him once. When he found out that my dad had recently had a baby (my older brother), he sent him a silver baby rattle. Dustin Hoffman is a beautiful person.