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Too Sexy for Ann Taylor

Sometimes, when we start to wonder what happened to the chick media's devotion to depicting the Human Condition in all its messily poignant, gut-wrenching splendor, we look to iVillage. In this hard-hitting video feature on women whose office attire includes uh, hard-hitting nipples, we meet a predictably slutted-out Eastern European (we can say that's redundant because our last name is Tkacik) realtor to an HR manager who dresses sort of like Laura San Giacomo in Pretty Woman, etc. etc., and then Clara, who obviously got recruited for her job as an investment bank executive assistant at Scores. In fact, we are wondering if her investment bank possibly did the IPO for Scores, because Clara, who wears a sheer orange cardigan that exposes not only her braless nips but the "cherry on top" that refers to her super classy belly button ring, says there is one woman at her office who dresses even sluttier than she does.

"I think for women that appearance is a double edged sword," says Clara, as her nipples demonstrate that they could slice you.


"I use it to empower myself to get what I want," she says. But another woman in her office, she claims, steps over the boundary. "I'm uncomfortable, and if I'm uncomfortable it must be way over the line." (We can only assume they hired Anne for their accounting work.)

Too Sexy For Work? (iVillage)

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