It might be true that wine is good for your heart and that French children wearing berets enjoy it with every delicious meal of baguettes and cheese (I have never been to France), but for one unfortunate woman, wine ended in her untimely and horrifying demise.

Nerea Pérez, a 25-year-old wine specialist, was watching the wine-making process (specifically fermentation) in an industrial cellar in the village of Salas de los Barrios, Spain when she was overcome with the fumes and plunged into a vat of the fermenting grape goo after becoming unconscious. Emergency services were called but by the time they arrived, all they could do was retrieve Pérez's body.


What's interesting about this case (and I must warn you, a conspiracy theory is coming) is that Pérez was not just a wine specialist, but also a political figure in the town of Ponferrada, El Bierzo, according to The Mirror. It's possible, of course, that this was an accident, but considering her involvement in politics and the fact that Pérez was someone who would likely know how to handle herself around wine) it's also possible that there may be more than meets the eye here. Of course, as I've mentioned, that's just a conspiracy theory, and with details about this case being so scant it's impossible to tell what happened.

According to The Mirror, winemakers they spoke to said that accidents like this are not unheard of and may be "more common than people think" because of the gases and fumes involved in the process of making the bitter grape juice we sometimes drink with dinner. (Well, I don't, because I think wine is gross.) (But now I will abstain because it is also deadly.)

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