Too Many Shots Of Tila Tequila And I'm Gonna Throw Up

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The big takeaway from last night's VMAs? I = old. Britney may be older, Lauren Conrad may sound older, Kanye may be more cantankerous, Justin may be acting older just because he's been around so long no one remembers that long ago songs like "Bye Bye Bye" or whatever were actually the reason MTV realized there was really no point to playing music videos, but seriously, I am the oldest old fart I know. I could not process the information being hurled at me, I was severely disturbed by the specatacle of watching naked thighs on a flat screen TV, I did not so much as know who this Chris Brown gentleman was. Which brings me to: A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila. In this show, as with every show that I think is currently airing on television, a bunch of contestants battles one another for the affection of a highly desired eligible single person, and as with every other show currently airing on television there is a twist (See what I did there? Shot? Twist?): the girl contestants compete with the boy ones, because Tila Tequila is bisexual.


And all I really have to say about it this morning, given the copious number of shots I needed just to get through last night's show, is that this idea is just gay.

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@AnnoyingFemaleLeadVoiceover: hey, i'm 23 (ok, for like 3 more weeks), and i remember the good ol' days with fondness. i remember buzzworthy clips and B side videos after hours. i distinctly remember watching 'heaven let your light shine down' for the first time in my neighbor's basement. oh, the MTV of yore...

todd oldham taught me how to cut my own hair and rebecca romaijn made budget purses on house of style. jennie mccarthy was the trashiest girl on the network. frizzy-haired four-eyes ladies were smart and sassy (kennedy, anyone?!). and oh, man, remember oddville? burlesquers and hipsters, before anyone knew what skinny pants could spawn.

hey, could we blame them for williamsburg?