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Cosmo takes a squint at the buzz surrounding chocolate diet pills this month.

Yup, you read that right: chocolate diet pills. The theory behind the Euphoric Chocolate Diet Pills is that they trigger the good feeling you get when you munch on the brown stuff, which will make you more likely to stick to your diet because you're happy. Yeah, right. And they also contain a green tea extract that allegedly speeds up fat burning.


So it's basically the miracle we've all been looking for, right? Eat tons of chocolate and actually lose weight.

Not so fast. Cosmo's diet Guru Brigid McKevith is here to harsh your chocoholic buzz:

"Not enough research has been done to confirm that any of these ingredients will actually help you lose weight. Having a cup of green tea and a small bar of dark chocolate will provide the same so-called weight loss ingredients, not too many calories, and is cheaper and way more enjoyable than popping pills."


We'd say that depends on the pills you're popping, Doc. But we get the message. Sadly.

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