Tongue-in-Cheek Female Rap Missive Is Latest In The Ivy League Douche Wars

From the annual Harvard-Yale football game to the charming "Penetrate The Puss" t-shirts worn by Penn basketball enthusiasts (Princeton's mascot is a tiger), here's the latest in that whole thing that nobody cares about except about 2% of actual Ivy Leaguers: "The Ivy League Hustle (I Went To Princeton, Bitch)" a semi-sincere rap by Princeton alum Nicki Mueller about atrociously-mannered Wharton guys, the travails of being a liberal-arts grad and the tendency to cover up your prestigious background in order to make guys like you (if people... really... do that?)

It is sort of cute and clever, and fortunately steers away from humblebrag territory when Mueller pokes fun at herself for being an aspiring actress. "I Went To Princeton, Bitch" t-shirts are surely nigh.


[via Barstool Sports]

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