Tom Hardy's 2002 Screen Test: Intergalactic Hotness From Day One

Most of us can agree that Tom Hardy — what with his handsome face, athletic build and British accent — is a very attractive man, but has that always been the case? If Hardy's screen test for Star Trek: Nemesis is any indication, that face, body and accent have all been serving him well since at least 2002 (he eventually won the role, as you can see from the second part of the video).

Now, as a special treat, here is Tom Hardy rapping with a baby. Don't you dare say that I've never gotten you anything.


Tom Hardy's Star Trek Screen Test Confirms He Is Your #1 Villain Crush [Vh1]

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Madeleine Davies

Tom Hardy is not even my type (I like them weak and sickly), but there's something about his appeal that is downright primal.