Tom Ford Takes On Big Oil

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  • Tom Ford has purchased a large tract of land near his New Mexico home to prevent it from being sullied by oil harvesters. For what did we invade Iraq, if not to preserve the nation's country homes? [Vogue UK]
  • The rumor mill reports that Jessica Simpson has inked a fragrance deal, and the scent will be on shelves by this summer. Top notes of Chicken Of The Sea, perhaps? [Sassybella]
  • "I don't like cheap things usually, but this collection is nice and of good quality," says Anna Della Russo, who styled the Roberto Cavalli for H&M ads. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • English designer Luella Bartley has decided that what the world needs now is...a line of femme-only surfwear that is both totally "street" and totally "70's" Ummm, whatever. Brazilian dance band CSS' frontwoman Lovefoxxx will be the face of the nonsensical line. [Vogue UK]
  • Now that Karl Lagerfeld has graced China with his Fendi fashion show, the floodgates have opened! Yohji Yamamoto is headed to Beijing next. [WWD, 2nd item]
  • The San Francisco Ballet and Saks Fifth Avenue are throwing a huge party for Patsy and Edina's favorite designer, Christian Lacroix! Which is why it's not really awkward that he told them he isn't going to be able to make it.... [WWD, 1st item]
  • Tiffany & Co is branching out into eyewear. Sure to be spotted exclusively by 13- and 14-year old girls within, oh, 2 days of its launch. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Over 700 fans turned up to see Tom Ford in an appearance he made at a Milan department store, promoting his stupid fragrance Tom Ford for Men with its even stupider NSFW advertising campaign. [WWD, 1st item]
  • Barney's Creative Director Simon Doonan is awesome but a complete liar: "[P]eople in the fashion industry are actually quite warm. They're always congregating and interacting. I honestly wish they were more bitchy, like the folks in the music business. But our flock is very sweet." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • The children who were found in India making Gap clothing should be reunited with their families soon. In the meantime, Gap pays the expected lip service, thanking the media for exposing this problem and saying how of course they do not use nor support child labor. []
  • More than 20 cities worldwide stage their own biannual fashion weeks, which means you could probably spend an entire year attending a fashion week every single day, which will probably be a really clever-sounding book proposal in a few weeks — the year I spent doing nothing but waiting in line and starving myself in 20 international destinations! — on the quirks of culture and globalization and the meaning of fashion, etc. Paging Lauren Goldstein Crowe! [Sassybella]



Is Anna Della Rosa kidding me? Has she ever BEEN to an H&M?? Why on earth would I buy a pair of heather-striped, fingerless wrist-warmers if they were of good quality? I'm only going to wear them three times and then it's off to Goodwill like the rest of my fabulous H&M cheap finds!