Tom Ford Reaches Out To Those Wrongfully "Deprived Of Luxury", Staffs Store With Butlers, Maids

Most of the men in our lives have a similar issue with today's clothes: How to find stuff that isn't so tight as to make them look gay/Euro/"vegan", but isn't so boxy as to make them look Republican/frat/fat. Enter Tom Ford. We referenced Ford's $75 socks earlier, but after reading pieces in the WSJ and Washington Post about his new Madison Avenue store, we feel compelled to add that the 3-story "atelier" is going to be staffed by real maids and butlers in an effort to make it seem more like Ford's own home, and also that his target audience is not simply metrosexuals but specifically '"rich businessmen in the U.S. and developing countries who 'have been deprived of luxury.'"

Far be it from us to deprive the rich of their luxury, but we bet that if Tom Ford donated the 95% markup he'll be making on those sausage casings to a special fund, we could help him find something even more useful to do with the money than simply line his own coffers. Like buy every citizen of Bangladesh a set of those awesome MUJI cardboard speakers we've been reading so much about!

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