Tom Delay Thinks John McCain Should Be More Dickish: McCain, Supporters Comply

  • Disgraced Texas Republican Tom Delay has some advice for McCain: be more of a dick. On Hardball this evening, Tom Delay called Barack Obama a "Marxist, "a radical" and "a Socialist" though he declined to call him anti-American. (Video at left.)
  • Obama thinks it's starting to get a little funny, saying today "By the end of the week he'll be accusing me of being a secret Communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten." [Huffington Post]
  • Nope, actually, they're going back tot he terrorist meme! McCain's now attacking Obama with former University of Chicago professor, current Columbia University professor and (gasp!) Palestinian Rashid Khalidi. Not that Khalidi is actually a terrorist or anything — and not like it matters to McCain. [Washington Independent]
  • Let us Never Forget, though, which terrorist does support McCain's candidacy: Osama bin Laden. [Washington Independent]
  • In an full frontal assault on all things decent and American, Joe The Motherfucking Plumber now has an agent and wants to be a country singer. 13...14... [Politico]
  • ACORN has an ad out, asking people to tell John McCain to call off his dogs and stop trying to intimidate voters. McCain's camp swears they're totally not at fault for that shit. [YouTube, CNN]
  • Celebrities want you to vote. Let's not forget that McCain thinks you shouldn't pay attention to celebrities. [Huffington Post]
  • Another McCain rally got out of hand, with several McCain supporters threatening to beat up two Obama supporters staging a mini-protest across the street. Seriously, even Fox News reports this shit now. How do these people not learn? [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Sort of like how someone in Kentucky hanged Obama in effigy. Seriously, what the fuck? What happened to the America I thought I grew up in. Who are you people? [United Press]
  • Oh, and another P.U.M.A. is over at the Daily Beast explaining that she's voting McCain because he cares more about poor people. It has nothing AT ALL to do with the fact that the Democrats stopped hiring to do stuff after she called Obama fat and was mean to everyone, or her Clinton love, nosireebob, it's that Republicans support the poor. Try not to hurt yourself laughing. [Daily Beast]
  • Now go watch this video of this elderly, African-American Obama supporter who got to meet the man himself. It'll get the taste of the rest of that shit out of your mouth. [Attackerman]



Well, I wondered whether to post this before, but might as well get it out there, 'cause it's interesting. According to a Washington Post/ABC poll, Obama's support among white voters is at a record high for a Democratic candidate... except among Southern white voters, where it's at a record low:


I'm just going to say it: Attention white people who still harbor resentment over the civil war and desegregation: get the fuck over it. It's too bad you guys don't get to enslave, bully, segregate or lynch black people any more. Boo-fucking-hoo. The south will not rise again.