Toddlers & Tiaras' MaKenzie Struggles With Newfound Fame

Now that she's been on several episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras, Anderson Cooper's talk show, and even had a Funny or Die video parodying her, child pageant contestant MaKenzie is truly famous, and with that fame comes a bunch of bullshit hassles, like dealing with hangers on—literally, as her "fans" cling to her neck, hugging her so much that MaKenzie has to tell them to stop. This kid can't even read yet, but she already has to worry about which friends are there for her, and which ones are just trying to get some TLC camera time.


But what's way more exciting than last night's episode was the promo for next week's episode. Rich Juzwiak—co-creator of Pot Psychology and owner of Winston—will be judging the featured pageant, an experience he wrote about here! We are so proud, and so excited.


Wait, she’s six and she can’t read yet? That seems wrong. That seems really wrong.