Toddlers & Tiaras Baby Strips Down To Madonna Cone-Bra

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This is Mia. She's two years old. Her pageant routine involves appearing on stage in a white robe with angel wings as the opening notes of Madonna's "Like A Prayer" play. Then she strips to reveal a gold cone-breasted bustier.

There is absolutely nothing cute, charming, funny or precious about this concept. While pageants often deal with age-inappropriate trappings — makeup, heels, spray-tans, big hair — Mia's outfit crosses a line. This isn't just any Madonna-inspired ensemble. This is the one she wore while simulating sex, masturbation and orgasm during the Blond Ambition tour.


Mia's mother says, "We like to do things that are different." And: "It was over the top. It was a crowd-pleaser." She's obviously pretty proud of herself… Maybe because no one has told her that what's she's doing is thisclose to child exploitation?

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I watched this episode. The little girl also had multiple tantrums throughout the pageant, including right next to the stage before she went on. It was so obvious that this kid does not want to do pageants. And she still won a bunch of trophies! These judges need to stop rewarding parents who seem to have no sense of good judgment.

There was also a mom in this episode that taught her daughter how to beg for money from her father. Way to instill some really forward-thinking and feminist ideals in your kid, lady!