Toddlers shouldn't be watching TV, and if they are in front of the tube, an "educational" program should be on, says a new study from the University of Washington. The study shows that programs that are too quickly-paced can give children ADD and violent series can inspire aggression. I call bullshit on this study. My older brother and I watched an embarrassing amount of TV from the womb until....well, now, and we have 3.5 Ivy League degrees between the two of us. Sure, we watched the occasional educational program like Square One or Sesame Street, but we mostly survived on a steady diet of idiotic Three's Company reruns, schizophrenic Press Your Luck-style game shows , and totally violent Warner Brothers cartoons. Toddlers today are probably already looking at internet porn by age three, so parents probably shouldn't get too overwrought about an episode of Rugrats or two.
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