Today's Washington Post has a thorough, intricately-detailed timeline of what happened to Megan Meier, the teenager who took her own life after being pranked on MySpace. (New research shows that the Web can actually help suicidal teens find support; it's sad Megan wasn't one of them.) You may learn things you didn't know: The Meiers and the Drews were once friends and the Drews took Megan on vacation; they were aware she took medication for depression. Megan had ADD and bouts of anxiety; she had been in counseling since third grade. The last paragraph is heartbreaking: "Josh Evans exists now only as a closed FBI file. In a MySpace survey, he said he wore size 13 1/2 shoes, preferred cappuccino to coffee, didn't smoke or take drugs and had never shoplifted. He sometimes swore. He liked girls with long brown hair and said weight didn't matter. The final question asked what things in his past he regretted. The answer was typed in capital letters, a shout from a nonexistent boy in a virtual world. 'NONE,' he said." [Washington Post]