Today's Google Doodle is for Grace Hopper, pioneering computer scientist who would've celebrated her 107th birthday today. The search engine is pointing to Hopper's achievements to kick off Computer Science Education Week, the centerpiece of which is the Hour of Code project, a fun, hands-on way to get students into programming. If making Hopper the face of this initiative encourages more girls to take up computer science, then all the better.


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Does anyone else feel like Google has been making more of an effort to include more women in their Google Doodles??? I'm not sure of the numbers- the ratio of men to women featured as the Google Doodle- but I think it's higher then it has been in the past. I've noticed over the last few months that they've had a number of really awesome ladies as the Google Doodle of the day. That such an important company is able to do this just makes me really happy, even just having links to educate people on these women is a good step forward I think.