Today's Google doodle honors Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960), folklorist, anthropologist, playwright, and author of several works, most notably Their Eyes Were Watching God. A prominent figure in the Harlem Renaissance and a Guggenheim Fellow, she was a literary and academic powerhouse, documenting a diversity of black experiences in America.

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Help me Obi Wan whoever the fuck you are

I work in Fort Pierce, FL, where Hurston died. Her later years were not good ones, and she died in such poverty that she was placed in an unmarked grave. Local historians researched for years before determining the location of her grave, and finally gave it proper recognition in 1973. Now Fort Pierce holds an annual Zora festival to celebrate her life and works. It's pretty amazing to see an author and historical figure so loved by a town, though it would have been much nicer if they hadn't treated her so poorly in her later years in the first place.