Today's Dieting Advice: Eat Your Big Meal Midday to Become Rich with Skinniness

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Here's some more dieting advice because this shit nevvvvvver ends. Onward!


We've all heard that to lose weight, you should eat like a king at breakfast, a duchess at lunch, and a peasant at dinner. Meaning, go crazy at the International House of Pancakes (you're a king!) in the morning, but keep your evening comestibles paltry and depressing, like tumbleweed shavings or lawn juice. You get the idea.

The latest study out of Spain confirms this platitude; finding that if you eat more at the end of the day, you are more likely to gain weight.

During the first few weeks of the 20-week study, run by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in collaboration with Tufts University and the University of Murcia, all 420 subjects lost weight at about the same rate. But starting around week five, weight loss for dieters who ate their main meal after 3 p.m. began to stall and remained sluggish for the duration of the study. In the end, they lost 22 percent less weight than dieters who ate the bulk of their calories earlier in the day.


The dieters were comparable in every way — same diet, amount of sleep, and appetite and hunger hormone levels. Hell, even their genetics were similar.

The researchers are guessing the weight loss disparity might exist because we mess up our circadian rhythms (our bodies internal clock) by eating later in the day. Somehow this might have an adverse effect on metabolism; because messing with your mealtimes can de-synchronize your inner time lords and piss them the eff off. Then, they make you fat as punishment. Science!

At least, this is what the researches think today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Since we haven't seen the actual weight loss results — and we don't know whether these people will keep the weight off over any amount of time — who knows what sort of a real difference it makes. However, maybe there's something to it, just in terms of what feels best for your body. Lots of people probably feel best not going to bed on a full stomach, and whenever you feel your best, you'll look your best. Or something.


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I'm generally hungrier in the evenings, and enjoy those meals more since I have time to cook something good, so I always plan my meals so that supper is close to half my daily caloric allotment. I've been doing this for a few months now (with myfitnesspal), and it's been working exactly as promised- when I stick to the 1500 calories a day, I'm losing about a pound a week.

I've got a question though. I'm always cold (even to the touch), and have been for the last couple years, so I know it's not related to weight loss. Someone at work recently said I could be anemic since I only eat red meat at most once a week. Has anyone else heard of this?