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Today's Best Deals: Cast Iron, Memory Foam, Roku, and More

Illustration for article titled Todays Best Deals: Cast Iron, Memory Foam, Roku, and More

Hello Jezebel readers. I'm Shane Roberts and I oversee Commerce Content at Gawker. Hopefully you're already somewhat familiar with what we do, whether you participated in the first part of our Best Lip Balm voting yesterday, checked out some of our Buying Guides, or spent time on our posts during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


As of today we'll be bringing the best of our daily deal roundup to Jezebel, along with more buying guides, votes, and great products in general. If you treat yourself to something we recommend, we may get a small share of the sale. We operate independently of the Editorial and Marketing sides of Gawker, and we always welcome your feedback.

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