Today we mourn the passing of one Robert Goulet, Broadway legend, who died yesterday at the age of 73. He was perhaps best known for his role as Lancelot in the musical Camelot. We have seen Camelot more times than we are willing to confess. Lancelot, and in turn Goulet's, signature song was "If Ever I Would Leave You." For those of you who are not musical theatre dorks, the lyrics go "If ever I would leave you / How could it be in spring-time? / Knowing how in spring I'm bewitched by you so? / Oh, no! not in spring-time! / Summer, winter or fall! / No, never could I leave you at all!" Sigh. Who doesn't want to hear that? You will always be remembered, Mr. Goulet. [NYT]


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how can you not love a 73 year old man who had enough of a sense of humor to laugh at himself in commercials? exhibit a: the emerald nuts commercial. i especially love the part where he's scaling the ceiling at the end. rest in peace, mr. goulet.