The morning news is a strange animal. Every day, hosts of shows like Good Morning America and Today have to juggle a convoluted mix of hard news, entertainment and human interest stories all while seeming cheerful and likable, an act that's probably even more exhausting to perform than it is to watch. It makes sense that every now and then they'd want to kick back and do something silly and dumb just for the sake of having fun. (We do that here at Jezebel all the time, which is why this post doubles as a Magic Eye of Harriet Beecher Stowe.)

Unfortunately, attempts at goofing off can often miss the mark, especially if they A.) barely involve Al Roker, B.) have an undertone of homophobia and C.) are mocking sexual harassment like the segment that ran on the Today Show this morning about Willie Geist and Matt Lauer joking around and spanking each other backstage. Rather than being all "LOOK AT THESE ADORABLE GOOFBALLS," Today decided to run a segment parodying To Catch a Predator in which Matt Lauer felt violated and Geist was defensive. I won't say that the segment is something to get up in arms about, but I will say that it was super fucking dumb.


Sure, humor is subjective and all, but you have to imagine that the only people who are laughing at this are people who either think that two dudes touching each other's asses is hilarious or people who think that sexual harassment is hilarious. (Both, I'm sure, are out there.)

Let's play a game! I am going to list what was stupid about this clip from most offensive to least offensive and then you can rearrange the numbers as you see fit. Fun, right? Right!


1. Grown adults repeatedly saying the word "tush"
2. Writing and execution
3. Making fun of sexual harassment
4. Homophobia
5. That Matt Lauer has a personalized autograph from Bruce Springsteen in his office and all I have is a bunch of cough drop wrappers.



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