Today Show Cancels Amy Adams Because She Refused to Discuss Sony Hack

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Amy Adams was reportedly booted from a scheduled Today Show appearance on Monday for expressing discomfort about questions pertaining to the Sony hack.


Adams' name was brought up in stories related to the Sony hack when it was revealed she and her co-star Jennifer Lawrence had earned far less than their male co-stars in American Hustle. According to Gossip Cop, Adams was "surprised" on Monday when representatives from the Today Show told her they would be asking questions about the hack during her scheduled interview. (Adams is currently making the rounds on the talk show circuit to promote her new film, Big Eyes, directed by Tim Burton).

[Staffers] informed her shortly before her interview that she would be asked about the hack, especially when she was only slated to be on for a few minutes to discuss her movie. The New York Daily News first reported that something had gone awry with Adams' interview, although Gossip Cop is told that the outlet's characterization of Adams' outrage is somewhat exaggerated. We hear the version of events in which Adams allegedly "freaked out" and "got aggressive" in the green room before leaving is not accurate.

According to Gossip Cop, Adams told NBC staffers she was uncomfortable with the questions and surprised they would even bring it up. The Today Show reportedly told her the show was a "news organization," and insisted that if she wanted to appear on the show, she would have to address the hack. Adams then (reluctantly) agreed but producers opted to cancel her appearance anyway because worried that she might give insignificant answers.

What makes this even more interesting, as Deadline's Mike Fleming, Jr. notes, the show seemed to have no problem pushing the issue with Adams, a woman, but gave Bradley Cooper (who was one of her stars in the aforementioned American Hustle) a pass when it came to questions about the show:

Meanwhile, Today had done a previously taped segment with American Sniper's Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood, and didn't ask them — even though Cooper starred with Adams (both got Oscar noms) in the Sony-distributed American Hustle. Adams didn't refuse to answer the question and she didn't balk, I'm told. Prepared to explain away a scandal she played no role in, Adam was seen live in the orange room, just before she was to be interviewed. But the show bounced her, pulling her segment and completely wasting her time.

Adams also avoided addressing the Sony hack during her appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, dodging any jokes about it in her monologue. The show left that to Mike Meyers' Dr. Evil, who really said everything that needed to be said.

[Gossip Cop]

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The Today Show is a news organization? I thought it was tv drivel over a cup of coffee.