Today On Fox & Friends: "Brian Gets A New Puppy!!!"

Aw, look at that! It is a cute little puppeh on the otherwise disaster-filled morning show, Fox & Friends. Oh but wait, don't think a cute segment about co-host Brian Kilmeade's new puppy could slip through the producer's hands without being turned into something completely unwatchable. First there is the generous helping of no less than 14 different sound effects playing as Kilmeade and co-host Gretchen Carlson desperately try to talk through the segment (a sampling: The whistle theme from Lassie, dog barking, and a gun shot). And then there is weatherman/co-host Steve Doocy's anger at being upstaged by something cute which he maturely deals with by whistling over Kilmeade and Carlson and then mocking Kilmeade for not having picked out a puppy name quick enough. Someone wants attention! As Anna put it: "Leave it to Fox News to make a cute puppy segment annoying." Clip above.


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